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Rehabilitation - Incarcerated Individual Education

The Incarcerated Individual Education Program is provided by the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) under the authority of the Education Coordinating Council for Correctional Institutions. MSDE, in conjunction with the Division of Correction, is responsible for developing, overseeing, modifying, and monitoring the educational programs operating in state correctional facilities.

Students can participate in improving academic skills, occupational skills, job development/placement, and parenting skills. Program accomplishments for 2004 include 845 high school diplomas (GED) earned; 65.1 percent GED pass rate; 96.3 percent school attendance rate; 1,493 adult literacy completions; 829 occupational completions; a drop out rate of only 1.52 percent, and 321 basic literacy completions. In addition, the Occupation/Revocation Program received national certification from the National Center for Construction and Occupational Education.