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Addicts Changing Together - Substance Abuse Program

The Addicts Changing Together-Substance Abuse Program (ACT-SAP) is a state certified substance abuse treatment program for male and female offenders located at the Baltimore City Detention Center (BCDC). Male treatment clients are housed in a 50-bed housing unit in the Men’s Detention Center (Wyatt Building). Female treatment clients are housed in a 25-bed housing unit in the Women’s Detention Center.

ACT-SAP offers a 45-day intensive treatment regimen. This treatment regimen includes formal treatment planning; individual, group and family counseling; HIV/AIDS education testing and counseling; acupuncture treatment; life skills training; computer literacy; adult basic education and groups such as Narcotic’s Anonymous, You Are Not Alone, Parents Anonymous, Inc., and Fatherhood.

ACT-SAP is structured around a modified therapeutic concept and demands order, individual responsibility and group self-governance (called “the family”). ACT-SAP counselors serves as advisors and treatment specialist in this arrangement.

There are two methods for entering the program:

  • Offenders enter ACT-SAP through Drug Treatment Court (in collaboration with the Maryland Division of Parole and Probation). Upon completion of the program, ACT-SAP counselors make a final continuing care recommendation for follow up treatment in a transitional house or in an intensive outpatient placement facility.
  • Offenders enter ACT-SAP through the Personal Options Program, which allows clients to be committed by any non-drug court judge for additions treatment and follow up. Counselors screen referrals and notify the courts of their projected admission and release dates and performance status. Offenders are encouraged to locate and negotiate their own continuing care placement.

Further information regarding ACT-SAP admission criteria may be obtained by calling the administrative office at 410-209-4129/4094.