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Partnerships for Re-Entry Programming (PREP)


Partnerships for Re-Entry Programming (PREP) is an Incarcerated Individual services rehabilitation program that serves 90percent of Incarcerated Individuals being released. There are four components to the program:

  • Cognitive skills training;
  • Employment readiness and career development;
  • Community resource information, and
  • Victim / offender impact and awareness.

PREP Goals include:

  • Partner with agencies to better coordinate training opportunities, secure personal ID documents and enhance service delivery;
  • Reduce re-offending rate by 10 percent;
  • Increase corrections pre-release and transition services;
  • Standardize Incarcerated Individual programming from intake through release, and
  • Track participants.


  • Division of Correction
  • The Enterprise Foundation
  • Mayor's Office on Criminal Justice
  • Division of Parole and Probation
  • Baltimore City Police Department
  • Community Development Corportations (Sandtown-Winchester, Druid Heights, Historic East Baltimore)

Program Components

  • Life skills training;
  • Job and employment career training;
  • Trade skills training, if qualified;
  • Community resource information training;
  • Victim / offender impact and awareness;
  • Coordinated pre- and post-release case management planning;
  • Offender Employment Initiative;
  • Governor's Council on Management and Productivity and State Use Industries link up to:
    • Develop a business mentoring program
    • Expand the Prison to Work program
    • Improve offender employment opportunities