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DPSCS Secretary Carolyn J. Scruggs and Attorney General Anthony Brown Visit MCTC Facility to Witness Programming

October 26, 2023

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[HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND] - The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) marked a significant moment as Secretary Carolyn J. Scruggs proudly welcomed Attorney General Anthony Brown to the Maryland Correctional Training Center (MCTC) in Hagerstown. The visit allowed Secretary Scruggs to provide a tour to Attorney General Brown and his team to witness the remarkable programming initiatives within the facility's confines.

The MCTC facility has been at the forefront of DPSCS's commitment to incarcerated population rehabilitation and education. Among the notable programs highlighted during the tour were the "America's Vet Dogs" training, masonry and autobody shops, the General Educational Development (GED) program, and more.

Secretary Scruggs expressed her gratitude to the dedicated staff and leadership at MCTC for their tireless efforts in fostering a positive and constructive environment for Incarcerated individuals. These initiatives not only contribute to the rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals but also play a vital role in reducing recidivism and creating opportunities for successful reintegration into society.

Attorney General Anthony Brown commended the collaboration and innovation at MCTC, emphasizing the importance of such programs in breaking the cycle of incarceration and supporting individuals in their journey toward becoming contributing members of the community.

The entire staff at the Maryland Correctional Training Center has been instrumental in facilitating these transformative programs, providing incarcerated individuals with the tools and skills necessary to make a positive impact on their lives.

These initiatives align with the DPSCS's broader mission of fostering rehabilitation, reducing crime, and enhancing public safety through innovative programming and education within the state's correctional facilities. The commitment of Secretary Scruggs, Attorney General Anthony Brown, and the entire DPSCS team to this mission is evident through their visit to MCTC.

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