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Incarcerated Individuals & Detainees Interviews and Photographs

If your media organization wishes to conduct an interview or photography session with an incarcerated individual, it is essential to follow the established procedures to ensure transparency and compliance with security measures. By adhering to these guidelines, media organizations can navigate the process of requesting interviews and photographs of incarcerated individuals while ensuring the safety and security of all parties involved.

Media Organization Responsibilities

Reporters wishing to interview incarcerated within the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) should submit their request in writing or e-mail to the DPSCS Office of Communications.

All requests must be submitted on the news organization's letterhead, and should include the reporter's name and contact information, including an email address. The request should also include the offender's name and other identifying information (date of birth, SID number, etc.) when known. It is mandatory to contact and notify the detainee or incarcerated individual's legal counsel about your request and inform us that you have done so.

Safety and Security Considerations

It is of utmost importance that institutional and field office safety and security are not compromised at any time during the media interview or photography session. If, at any point, the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services determines that there are security or safety concerns, they reserve the right to deny or delay access to the detainee or incarcerated individual or terminate the media interview or photography session.

Media Interviews/Photographs Not Permitted

Interviewing or photographing juvenile detainees or incarcerated individuals is not permitted without the prior written consent of the juvenile's parent or legal guardian and their attorney.

Interviewing or photographing psychologically impaired detainees or incarcerated individuals is not permitted.

Interviewing or photographing detainees at the Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center is not permitted.