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DPSCS Acronyms

BCBIC Baltimore Central Booking & Intake Center
BCCC Baltimore City Correctional Center
BCDC Baltimore City Detention Center
BCF Brockbridge Correctional Facility (Jessup)
BPRU Baltimore Pre-Release Unit
BPRU-W Baltimore Pre-Release Unit for Women
BPRU-WA Baltimore Pre-Release Unit for Women- Annex
CHDU Central Home Detention Unit
CHU Centralized Hiring Unit
CICB Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
CJIS Criminal Justice Information System
CJIS-CR Criminal Justice Information System- Central Repository
CLF Central Laundry Facility (Sykesville)
COP Correctional Options Program
CSAFE Collaborative Supervision and Focused Enforcement
DCCFM Division of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance
DDMP Drinking Driver Monitor Program
DOJ U. S. Department of Justice
DPDS Division of Pretrial Detention and Services
DPSCS Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
ECI Eastern Correctional Institution
ECI-A Eastern Correctional Institution- Annex
ENSB Emergency Number Systems Board
EPRU Eastern Pre-Release Unit (Church Hill)
HATS HIDTA Automated Tracking System
HIDTA High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area
HPRB Handgun Permit Review Board
HR Human Resources
IGO Inmate Grievance Office
IHC Inmate Health Care
IIU Internal Investigative Unit
ITCD Information Technology and Communications Division
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
MCAC Maryland Correctional Adjustment Center (Supermax)
MCCS Maryland Commission on Correctional Standards
MCI-H Maryland Correctional Institution- Hagerstown
MCI-J Maryland Correctional Institution- Jessup
MCI-W Maryland Correctional Institution for Women (Jessup)
MCPRS Maryland Correctional Pre-Release System
MCTC Maryland Correctional Training Center (Hagerstown)
MHC Maryland House of Correction
MPC Maryland Parole Commission
MPCTC Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions
MR CC Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center
MTC Metropolitan Transition Center
NBCI North Branch Correctional Institution (Cumberland)
OIG Office of Inspector General
OPPRS Office of Planning, Policy, Regulations, and Statistics
OS Office of Secretary
PATX Patuxent Institution
PCS Proactive Community Supervision
PCTC Police & Correctional Training Commissions
PHPRU Poplar Hill Pre-Release Unit
PIO Public Information Office
RCI Roxbury Correctional Institution (Hagerstown)
RPOC Reisterstown Road Plaza Office Center
SCB Sundry Claims Board
SMPRU Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit
SOR Sex Offender Registry
SUI State Use Industries
WCI Western Correctional Institution (Cumberland)