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The Division of Correction Victim Services Unit

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Interoffice Mission Statement

The Division of Correction Victim Services Unit is dedicated to assisting crime victims who have suffered direct or threatened physical, emotional or financial harm as a result of a crime. This is accomplished by having a trained dedicated staff that provides a supportive environment where victims can voice their concerns through victim impact statements, receive notification about incarcerated individual events/releases, receive referrals to other agencies and participate in many of the victim related events hosted by the Division.

Victim Services – Division of Correction Process

After sentencing, you need to know:

  • The incarcerated individual undergo diagnostic evaluations to determine appropriate security level. Factors taken into consideration include criminal history, age, education/employment history, prior incarceration behavior, etc.
  • Security level determines the type of institution at which an offender will be housed (Maximum, Medium, Minimum and Pre-release).
  • Security levels can change over time, as can the institution at which the offender is housed. Victims will not automatically be notified by the Division when an incarcerated individual’s institution location changes. Victims may inquire about the current institutional location of an offender by using VINE (Victim Information Notification Everyday) at 1-866-634-8463.
  • VINE: How to register for automated alerts. (VINE does not register a crime victim for written notification from Division of Correction both VINE and DOC Victim Services written notification are two different information systems).

The Victim Notifications you will receive as a Registered Victim:

The victim notification process informs the victim(s) when an incarcerated individual is being considered, i.e. home detention, work release, family leave, which encourages input from the victim(s). The notifications are sent by U.S. Postal Service. Only victim(s), victim representative(s), and alternate contacts can be notified.

Once your completed Crime Victim Notification Request form (CVNRF) is received to the Victims Services Unit – Division of Correction:

  • It is reviewed and processed by a Victim Services Specialist into the Offender Case Management System (OCMS), which is our system of record that is utilized by other victim services departments.
  • A confirmation letter and VINE pamphlet is mailed to the address that you have provided on the CVNRF.
  • This letter gives you the incarcerated individuals full name, control number, current institution, and a list of resources and information that is provided to you while the incarcerated individual is sentenced to the Division of Correction.

Also, information on how you can contact us: by phone at 1 (866) 606-7789 (toll free number), Email at or send information in writing to Victim Services Unit 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite #304 Baltimore, Maryland 21215.

Victim Impact Statement and why it is important to submit one:

  • Victims are encouraged to submit a written statement on how the crime has affected them physically, mentally and financially. The victim impact statement shall be taken into consideration by the Wardens and/or Commissioner prior to any type of provisional consideration release, such as home detention, work release, family leave, being approved or disapproved.
  • Maryland law requires that victim information remain confidential. Security measures are taken to ensure that the incarcerated individuals have absolutely no access to this material.

Provisional Consideration Release:

  • Temporary release of an incarcerated individual for family leave, work release or home detention.
  • Such releases mean an incarcerated individual will be out of Correction’s direct custody for pre-determined periods.
  • Prior to making a decision for provisional release, appropriate correctional staff review Victim Impact Statements. Victims are also contacted for their input and should send their victim responses within a specified time frame at this email address: (
  • In the event a provisional release is granted to the incarcerated individuals, victims will be notified. Victim services staff is available to work with victims during this time, if there are concerns for safety.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does anyone read my impact statement?

Yes, all victim impact statements must be read and considered by the Warden and/or Commissioner or final authority for all considerations for home detention, work release, family leave and compassionate leave. Your statement is essential to the decision process.

How do I change my address, phone or other victim notification information?

You can contact victim services by phone at 1 (866) 606-7789, Email at or send information in writing to Victim Services Unit 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite #304, Baltimore, Maryland, 21215.

If I no longer wish to be notified, how do I terminate notifications?

If you wish to no longer be notified for written notification of an incarcerated individual's status with the Division of Correction, please send that request in writing to: Victim Services Unit -DOC, 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite #304, Baltimore, MD 21215. Maryland law requires that you must submit this request in writing.

VINE Notification

What is VINE?
VINE BrochureVINE will inform victim(s) of an incarcerated individual’s custody status but does not inform the victim(s) of an incarcerated individuals transfer from one institution to another. VINE permits alerts by E-Mail, APP, Text and Phone. Anyone can register and receive alerts, incarcerated individuals housing location and release date. IMPORTANT! IF YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL, CHANGES IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CALL VINE AT 1-866-634-8463 OR GO TO WWW.VINELINK.COM and follow the instructions on how to change your phone, text or email registration. Unless you make such changes, VINE will be unable to contact you when necessary.

** Victim(s) are encouraged to utilize notifications and VINE.