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The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services (DPSCS) protects the public, Department employees, and the detainees and sentenced individuals under our supervision.

Our primary object is to ensure safety so that all Maryland residents can enjoy living and working in the State. We are achieving this by increasing security in our institutions and supplying inmates and former-inmates the tools necessary to stay out of the criminal justice system. We are one of the largest Maryland state agencies, operating numerous correctional facilities, pre-trail facilities, and parole and probation offices throughout the state. We are also responsible for a comprehensive re-entry services program and many other criminal justice services to support our objective.

We are an innovative leader in providing needed public safety services to individuals within our custody in safe and secure settings. Throughout Maryland, we work and engage in communities and neighborhoods to which many of the individuals under our supervision will one day return. We work with partner agencies, sharing important intelligence information in order to reduce crime and violence. Previous inmates on parole and probation, living in our neighborhoods and working in our local businesses, require supervision and guidance to keep focused on the ultimate goal of overcoming the "revolving door" of the criminal justice system. The community supervision portion of DPSCS ensures these previously incarcerated individuals are meeting goals and objectives by upholding the individual requirements set forth by courts and the Maryland Parole Commission.

We are committed to preparing returning citizens into society by providing them tools necessary to keep them from their former life of crime. This is evident with the vast array of job skill opportunities, educational programming, psychological and health sessions, and drug treatment while under our supervision. Re-entry calls for a comprehensive systems approach to managing inmates returning to the community. Institutions, programs, and staff have to be informed, integrated, empowered, and committed to our approach.

Our work could not be accomplished without dedicated and hardworking staff. Correctional Officers and our public safety employees continually rise to meet every challenge presented to them and fulfill an important, but often unseen, public service. DPSCS is responsible for nearly 10,000 employees.

Consider changing your life today. Contact the Public Safety Human Resources Services Division at 410-585-3999 or visit the Maryland State Online Employment Center here.

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The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer


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