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Frequently Asked Questions

Operations – Parole and Probation

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  1. How and who do I notify if an offender is violating the conditions of parole or probation?
    • If it is an emergency situation call 911, if not you can call 877-227-8031 or e-mail us at
  2. Who is eligible for the Correctional Options Program?
    • Correctional Options is an inter-agency cooperative effort to identify non-violent offenders who have a history of substance abuse while still in the institution, and to assess them to see whether they may benefit from community based supervision and treatment.

      Incarcerated Individuals are screened by case managers as to basic eligibility (non-violent offenses; reside in the Baltimore metropolitan area), they are then screened by clinical assessors inside the institution to determine their need and willingness for treatment. The assessors provide that information to case management and to the Parole Commission to determine whether a person should be released early on parole with a special condition for "COP".

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