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In Maryland, where individuals have lost civil liberties as a result of a conviction(s), they can apply to the Governor through the Maryland Parole Commission for a pardon for restoration of these rights. An applicant should specify the grounds for consideration and the specific relief from disabilities arising from a conviction(s) that is being sought. Please refer to the attached guidelines and statutory provisions for clarification of eligibility. A pardon may not provide total relief from all statutory or regulatory restrictions concerning firearms.

Please be advised that a pardon does not expunge a person's criminal record. The power to expunge a record is reserved for the judicial branch of government, and may be exercised only by the Courts. For further information on having a record expunged, see our Expungement page or contact the court that originally presided over the case in question.

Applying for a Pardon

An Application For Pardon must be completed, signed and returned to the Maryland Parole Commission, 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 307, Baltimore, Maryland 21215 along with certified copies of the docket entries for any crime that resulted in a conviction in the State of Maryland. This information can be obtained from the Clerk of the Court where sentencing occurred. The certified copies of the docket entries that you submit must be stamped by the court with the words "True Copy,Test", bear the signature of the Clerk of the Court and the Court's seal. In addition, you must attach the required documentation outlined on the Pardon Application Checklist.

Failure to meet the required guidelines, complete the application in its entirety or provide the requested documentation could result in the rejection of your application.

For More Information

See the Maryland Parole Commission FAQs page for more information on Pardons.

Should you have additional questions regarding the pardon process, please contact the Maryland Parole Commission at 410-585-3200.