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DPP Data Dashboard

About This Dashboard

This Dashboard presents an overview of the Division of Parole and Probation (DPP), including the current population and historical data. Each year, there are over 50,000 individuals under DPP supervision across every community in Maryland, both under criminal and Drinking Driver Monitoring supervision. This dashboard displays the number of individuals currently under active supervision, which types and levels of supervision they are under, and where these populations are supervised. Criminal supervision is varied and includes many specialized populations whose more intensive needs are met by tailored supervision. The majority of individuals under supervision complete their sentence successfully, and rates are highest amongst those individuals assessed as low risk by formal screening tools and the Maryland Parole Commission.

All non-historical figures reflect the active population as of the current fiscal year.

How to Use this Dashboard

Filters Selecting a filter will cross-filter across the entire dashboard. This format allows for a deeper understanding of trends by the filter selected. You can also select multiple filters for a further breakdown of data elements.

Hover Pausing over a data point on a chart may reveal additional breakdowns for that data point. Try moving your cursor over all parts of the visual to find added information.

Click Some figures in the dashboard are interactive with one another, and once clicked on, will cross-filter with other measures. When a data point is selected, its color will be darker, and other data points will appear faded.

Double-click Selecting the same section or item twice will clear your selection and return the data to an overall perspective.

Control+Click Control clicking the return arrow at the top of each page will clear any selections or filters you have made.

Expand Click the diagonal arrows in the footer at bottom right for a full screen view.

See last page of dashboard for the full list of reports referenced.