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Baltimore Community for Over 30 Years
Threshold 2007 Annual Report

Threshold, Inc., founded in 1969, is a private nonprofit organization that provides pre-release services by contract to the Division of Correction for male inmates from Baltimore City. Careful screening procedures help to en-sure the safety of the inmates, the staff and the residents of the surrounding community. All inmates are admitted to this facility with nonviolent offenses as determined by agency staff.

    The criteria for admission are:
  • Maximum stay is three years
  • Average stay of between six months to one year
  • Bed capacity is 30 adult males who are residents of Baltimore City
    Services offered include:
  • Employment/work release
  • Educational services
  • Health awareness and medical services
  • Counseling for substance abuse


Education is a key ingredient in the ability of the inmates to succeed once they are released from the facility.

  • A “GED Preparation Program” is required for any inmate who does not have a high school diploma or its equivalent. The classes are held two days a week. It is our experience that about two inmates in ten have a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Any inmate who takes the GED test while assigned to Threshold and receives a passing score is entitled to an incentive award that is offered by the Board of Directors
  • A library is available for inmate use. The library contains various books, regulations, procedures and several copies of the Qur'an and Holy Bible.

  • Substance Abuse

    Inmates are screened for drug and alcohol use throughout their stay.

    Any violations are referred to the Metropolitan Transition Center for hearings.

    • Inmates engage in structured weekly meetings at the facility for drug and alcohol abuse.


    Threshold’s first priority is the security and safety of the inmates, the staff and the community.

    Security and treatment staff are trained at the Police and Correctional Training Commission (PCTC). In addition, the staff  receive eighteen (18) hours of annual in-service training at the Metropolitan Transition Center (MTC), in first aid/CPR, security procedures, report writing, etc. Agency training also occurs at the bi-weekly staff meetings.

      Other security measures include:
    • Surveillance cameras are located throughout the inside and outside of the building. A security alarm system is active in the facility to prevent unauthorized departures by inmates or entries by unknown persons from the community.
    • Designated facility counts, daily head counts and tours of the facility by staff. This ensures that the inmates are accounted for at all times while in the facility.
    • A body scanner is used to deter the introduction of contraband into the facility. There is also frequent testing of the inmates for drugs and alcohol.

    Community Service

    Threshold is committed to being a good neighbor and a responsible member of the community.

    Inmates are encouraged to participate in supervised community out-reach efforts aimed at improving the quality of life in the surrounding neighborhood, such as:

    • Distributing food baskets for those in need at Thanksgiving and Christmas and serving Thanksgiving dinner at a local community church.
    • Cleaning the streets and alleys around the agency and assisting community residents to remove snow and ice from their cars and walkways.
    • Family leaves for inmates to reestablish family relationships.


    Threshold is making a difference! Look at the work release accomplishments in fiscal year 2007.

    • Between 9% and 11% of those who were released over the past three years had contact with the criminal justice system.
    • An average of 70% of assigned inmates were released to the community on parole, mandatory supervision or home detention over the past three years.
    • During the year, 140 persons were served and 120 were employed. The average yearly employment rate for inmates assigned was more than 80%. Over 56 local businesses hired inmates during fiscal 2007.
    • During the year, inmates earned combined gross wages of more than $278,000.00 and paid more than $42,000.00 in federal and state taxes.
    • During the year, inmates paid over $101,295.00 in work release to the State of Maryland from their earned wages.
    • During the year, 64 inmates were released to the community and received over $36,000.00 from their escrow accounts.


      Under the auspices of a volunteer Board of Directors

      For more information, call Julian L. Morgan, Executive Director